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How is Yingkou magnesia chrome brick made

2020-03-03 16:45:34

Magnesium-chrome bricks should follow the principles of refractory selection for glass kiln. Refractory material is the material basis of glass kiln, which directly affects the overall efficiency of the kiln. In glass melting furnaces, the amount of refractory material is large, the cost also accounts for the major proportion of the total kiln cost. Therefore, the rational configuration of refractory materials should be selected.

The overall goal of glass kiln refractory selection is to comprehensively consider both technical economic factors, to take into account the physical chemical properties, structural form critical use performance of refractories, the operating environment parameters of various parts of the kiln the corrosion mechanism of the material at high temperatures Based on the mutual reaction, the accumulated detailed knowledge practical experience of the actual operation performance of the kiln refractories are combined, the refractory materials in each part of the furnace are selected reasonably matched to achieve the balance of erosion, even extend the service life reduce the cost. Use effect. Specific requirements are as follows.

① Meet the necessary performance, such as high temperature performance, chemical stability, thermal stability, volume stability mechanical strength.

② It does pollute the glass liquid, has little influence on the quality of the glass liquid.

③ As long as possible.

The characteristics of this brick are pure raw materials, high firing temperature, direct bonding between high-temperature phases such as periclase, spinel, low-melting phases such as silicate, which are isolated islands, so the high temperature of the brick is significantly increased Strength slag resistance. The production process of firing is similar to that of magnesia bricks. In order to eliminate the fine powder produced by calcination of bricks due to MgO Cr2O3, Al2O3 chrome ore-magnesia co-milling compaction, the method of making bricks with magnesia coarse particles is an effective measure to eliminate the loosening effect. . Compared with ordinary bricks, bricks made by this method have lower porosity, higher compressive strength, softening temperature under load, flexural strength.

While developing green refractory materials, product quality must also be guaranteed. The main reasons for the poor service life of refractory materials are the backward production equipment of the manufacturers, the use of friction brick presses for molding. The batching, molding, firing, inspection processes have low levels of automation, large product quality fluctuations, large dimensional deviations; improper masonry methods . In use, in order to prevent the refractory material falling bricks, excessive use of steel plate locks, resulting in a large expansion of the refractory material during heating, excessive pressure causes damage to the refractory brick, a low degree of refined management.



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