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The main properties uses of Yingkou magnesium carbon brick

2020-02-26 17:13:03

Magnesium carbon bricks should control the graphite content in the bricks at about 20%. Magnesia-carbon brick has low wettability to slag, has excellent resistance to spalling erosion. It is suitable for the slag line of ladle, especially in the case of multi-furnace continuous casting. In order to meet the needs of producing clean steel, the application site of magnesia-carbon bricks has been expanded the slag line to the side walls when refining in the ladle.

      When laying magnesia-carbon bricks on the ladle, care should be taken to mix with bricks containing Si02 high. Otherwise, the local melting loss of magnesia-carbon bricks will be increased. The melting loss mechanism is: It is mainly used for the furnace lining steel outlet of steelmaking oxidation conversion furnace, hot spots on the wall of high-power electric furnace furnace, the lining, Steel drum slag line parts so on.

Wet spraying is a method of mixing refractory aggregates, binders, additives water to make a slurry of a certain consistency, then spraying the slurry onto the spraying surface with compressed air through a spraying machine. Its characteristics are simple operation, high adhesion rate fast sintering. However, due to the large water content fine grains, the shrinkage is also large. At the same time, because the spray coating is thin, the durability is very good.

Semi-dry spraying is a method of mixing a mixture of refractory aggregates, binders, additives, etc. with water through the water ring holes at the spraying end of the spray gun spraying compressed air onto the spraying surface. It can be adjusted at any time according to the spraying condition, the general fluctuation is between 10-20%, which is much lower than the water consumption of wet spraying. Therefore, the spray coating layer has a large volume density a small shrinkage, a thick spray coating layer can be obtained. The durability is better, but the rebound amount is slightly higher than the wet method. This spray coating method is generally used. Unshaped refractories for spray repairing with a jet machine. It consists of refractory aggregate powder with a certain particle size composition, binder admixture. According to the material, there are basic, aluminum silicate, zirconium-containing silicon carbide-containing. Mainly used for the repair of steel non-ferrous metal melting furnaces heating furnaces. Neutral refractories contain alumina, chromium oxide carbon as the main component. Corundum products containing 95% alumina are a wide range of high-quality refractory materials.

      Compared with the international advanced level, the energy consumption of China's refractory industrial production is higher, the energy consumption per ton of steel produced by steel production is 20% ~ 40% higher than the international level 320kg standard coal higher than Japan. It can be seen that China's steel industry has high energy consumption huge potential for energy conservation consumption reduction. Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of China's steel industry by focusing on energy conservation consumption reduction.

      The development trend of new refractories, the promotion of new processes technologies for steel production in recent years, the requirements for energy saving environmental protection have all put forward more special requirements for new refractories. the future development trend, the new refractories will include high-performance structural refractories functional refractories.



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