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What are the types of magnesium chrome bricks for industrial supplies?

2020-02-20 14:40:32

Magnesia-chrome bricks are widely used in industry, construction other aspects due to their high-quality properties such as heat resistance pressure resistance. There are also several different types. According to the requirements of different products, there are mainly three types of magnesium-chrome bricks:

1. Burned magnesia-chrome brick:

The fired magnesia-chrome brick is made of fine magnesia chrome ore fine ingredients. The content of Cr2O3 is adjusted according to different needs. The product has good thermal stability high temperature performance. It is widely used in cement kilns non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces.

2. Direct combination of magnesia-chrome bricks:

Directly combining magnesia-chrome bricks uses chrome ore with low impurity content high-quality high-purity magnesia as raw materials. After high-pressure molding, it is fired at a high temperature above 1 700 ° C. Good high temperature performance, strong resistance to slag erosion. Resistant to cement clinker erosion. It is widely used in non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces cement rotary kiln.

3.Semi-recombined magnesia chrome bricks recombined magnesia chrome bricks

Combining magnesia-chrome bricks magnesia-chrome bricks, using some all of fused sand (fused synthetic sand) as raw materials, fine ingredients, high pressure molding, ultra-high temperature calcination, good particle bonding, high product strength, volume stability Well, it is widely used in RH, VOD, AOD other furnace refining devices, non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces.



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