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Combine basic knowledge of magnesia-chrome bricks

2020-02-20 14:41:56

The refractory materials used in the early ladle slag line were directly combined with high-quality alkaline bricks. After the MgO-C brick was successfully used in the converter, the MgO-C brick was also used in the part of the refining ladle slag line, achieved good results. At present, China Japan generally use resin-bound MgO-C bricks with a carbon content of 12% to 20%, while in Europe, asphalt-bound MgO-C bricks are generally used, the carbon content is generally about 10%. Magnesia carbon brick


The Kokura Iron Steel Plant uses MgO-C bricks with 83% MgO content 14-17% C content in the VAD slag line instead of directly combining magnesium-chromium bricks. The life of the slag line has been increased 20 to 30-32 times 9]. Refining the ladle, using MgO-C bricks instead of magnesium chromium bricks, the life of the slag line has been increased 20-25 times to 40 times, good results have been achieved. The effects of carbon content antioxidant types on the oxidation resistance, slag resistance high temperature flexural strength of MgO-C bricks were studied. It is considered that: a mixture of fused magnesia sintered magnesia, plus 15% phosphor flake graphite a small amount of magnesium aluminum alloy as an antioxidant, is a good MgO-C brick, with a capacity of 100 tons LF ladle slag line is used. Compared with MgO-C bricks with 18% C content without antioxidant, the damage rate is reduced by 20-30%, the average erosion rate is 1.2-1.3mm / furnace.



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