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Development of fused cast Mg-Cr refractory

2020-02-20 13:43:19

In general fired refractory materials, there are a certain amount of micro-pores micro-cracks for electric furnaces. The micro-pores micro-cracks can absorb the thermal stress at high temperatures relieve some thermal stress. At the same time, it also brings some disadvantages, that is, it is very susceptible to infiltration excretion of smelting slag. Compared with the iron steel industry, non-ferrous smelting has a relatively low smelting temperature, but a large amount of slag. The slag is a highly corrosive ferrite silicate. The slag has low viscosity, small interfacial tension, is extremely strong. Infiltration excretion. Therefore, after the fired refractory material is used in the non-ferrous smelting furnace, the permeate excrete metamorphic layers are thicker than concrete, which is prone to damage such as loose layout, decreased strength, peeling. Slag penetration excretion leading to layout spalling are important reasons for the high loss low life of non-ferrous smelting refractories.

Compared with the damage mechanism of slag infiltration excretion, it has peculiar goodness. Because it is a dense frit made by melting, pouring, group cooling, the slag can only be eroded on the appearance of the brick, does appear. Symptoms of infiltration excretion (this has been proved by the judgment of the smelting section after use). Therefore, despite the difficulty cost of melting casting, in the key parts of non-ferrous smelting furnaces in developed countries, there are still upper positions other refractory materials cannot be replaced.

While developing introducing advanced smelting skills, the development of refractory materials for the development of oxygen-rich smelting skills is particularly smelting. It is necessary to digest absorb the introduced skills speed up the localization process.

The production process of fusion casting is completely different the general production methods of sintered refractory materials. It uses magnesia chrome ore to participate in a certain amount of admixtures mix ingredients. It is melted in an electric arc furnace, poured into a mold, controlled to cool anneal, produced into a mother. Bricks are cut, ground, drilled, cold worked to make the necessary brick types.



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