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Thermal storage brick

2020-03-12 09:19:50
Thermal storage brick
Detailed introduction:

In order to reduce air pollution, the ladle uses Mg-C bricks to achieve the energy-saving emission-reduction energy goals. At present, most cities have started coal-to-electricity projects. Mg-C brick manufacturers have changed the traditional coal-fired boilers to Electric solid-state heat storage equipment for heating. Among them, in solid electric heat storage equipment, electric energy is mainly converted into heat energy by a heating body, then the heat energy emitted by the heating body is stored by a heat storage brick. When heating is required, it is only necessary to blow the heat storage brick pass the air current. Take out the heat in the heat storage brick for heating.

However, the existing heat storage brick can only be installed with a heating body on one side, a ventilation channel is provided on the side opposite to the heating body. Due to the limitation of the above structure, due to the limited number of heating bodies installed on one side, The thermal brick stores less thermal energy has a slow heat storage speed. At the same time, the ventilation holes are located on the opposite side of the heating body, the distance is far. It is difficult to effectively take out the thermal energy in the thermal storage brick, there are problems such as low sensible heat efficiency.

Therefore, how to develop a new type of thermal storage brick to solve the above problems has become an urgent problem for people.


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